Lulu (misstress_tink) wrote in mykindofcrack,

104 OUAT, Lost Girl, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Reign, BTVS, Veronica Mars and Supernatural icons

Wow I really haven't posted icons in forever! This is just a huge batch of what I've made over the past few months.

- Credit misstress_tink at mykindofcrack please
- Do not hotlink
- Do not customise, textless icons are supposed to be textless, they are not blanks!
- Comments make me happy!

Once Upon a Time

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Veronica Mars

True Blood



The Vampire Diaries

Lost Girl

Tags: icons, lost girl, lulu, ouat, reign, true blood, vm
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These are GORGEOUS!!! ♥ I absolutely love ALL of these & I'm snagging some of the TVD & OUAT ones :)
thanks so much xx
i love your lighting & colouring combination on these, I snagged the 7th ouat one :)
thanks! x
These are amazing, I love the softly contrasted pastelly look and the lighting in these is stunning. I love all the ouat icons especially, and the second to last one in Lost Girl is particularly gorgeous too!
Thanks so much <3 xx

Deleted comment

thanks x
These are so ridiculously stunning, I can't even stop staring! Thanks so much, gorgeous work!
awww thanks, glad you like them! xx
I especially like your "Once Upon a Time" icons! So pretty. :)
thanks xx
Aurora & Belle ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
glad you like xx
Loving the Buffy and TB ones <3 I really should start True Blood again, but I don't think I can handle the show's love for Beel. Ugh.
thank you lovely. TB has been good but it is blatantly going to end with them together forever and it's very hard to handle. I miss sookie and eric :(
Ah, yay! These are all really pretty. Your coloring is really unique; so warm! I particularly love all the Once Upon a Time icons (no surprises there), and my favorites are definitely Emma in her red dress and Hook in the woods; such lovely coloring and lighting in those two! I've also snagged a couple Lost Girl icons of Kenzi and a WM icon as well. Great work!
Thanks so much hun <3 xx
lovely set!
thanks <3 x
Gorgeous set! Taking some Btvs w/credit.
Thanks! xx
Your icons are amazing!!!!
Thanks so much <3 x
these are beaaaaautiful!! snagged a couple ouat ones, will credit when i use <3
thank you xx
These are FLAWLESS. I am positively swooning over your skills.

I'm probably going to snag a few OUAT and True Blood ones but of course I'll credit you <3
Thank you! xx
gorgeous icons! the colours & crops on the once ones are lovely! :)
thanks xx
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